Pushing forward the boundary between Reality and Simulation

Development of a high-precision Virtual Reality simulator designed to be used in professional simulation and gaming environments associated with real events.



The BREUCA project aims to develop a high-precision Virtual Reality simulator designed to be used in a gaming environment that will allow simulator users to compete in real-time against racers on the track, immersing users in an environment so real as possible, that is, taking place effectively anywhere in the world, and virtually in any user's home.



Mix Reality

Development of Mix Reality technology, for interpretation of hand movement that allows an optimization of the human-machine interaction in a VR system.

Real time Track / simulated

Obtain in real time all the dynamic parameters of the vehicle's behavior on the track and the environment that surrounds it, and use them to perform mathematical calculations that will be sent to a remote driving simulator.

Simulation Reliability

Develop a simulator that can mimic the same weather conditions, real track conditions, and the same driving inputs, ensuring that from reality to simulation the time/lap difference is less than 0.1 sec.


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