1.1 The present General Conditions expressly regulate the commercial relations between the Fittipaldi Legend Brand, which is represented in the Legal terms by the Company Alcapone Racer, Lda. ,Rua S. José de Cluny, nº 3, ZIP Code 4715-103, Braga - Portugal, registered at C.R.C Braga under No. 516128140 with the registered capital of 5.000,00 EUR, with Taxpayer No. 516128140 and e-mail:


2.1 The Customer/User is obliged to use our Online Shop properly, in accordance with the law and other standards of decorum, good use and customs accepted by our society, whether when buying our Product or when using our services whether these are made available through our Online Store, and you are also required to accept all our General Conditions. All our Customers/Users must refrain from misuse or harmful use, including any other device that may affect the proper functioning of our Online Shop, and in this way may endanger our Customers\Users Experience and access, which may cause serious damage, either in terms of property or rights to Breuca, Its suppliers, Customers/Users or in other cases to third parties.


3.1 All Customers / Users must acknowledge that all Online Store Products and each of the Products information and materials that are part of them (brands, structure, selection and ordering of their content, Online Store interaction computer programs) are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights owned by Fittipaldi Legend, Lda., Fittipaldi Legend and others. The General Conditions do not confer intellectual property rights or any rights other than those specifically mentioned therein.

3.2 However, it is completely prohibited to reproduce, alter, modify, perform any kind of malicious engineering, distribute, rent, lend or allow public access through any other public means of communication of all Products referred to in the previous paragraph, except as otherwise provided. duly authorized by Breuca or the third party holders of the corresponding rights and all that is legally permitted to the Customer / User. The Customer / User shall solely and exclusively use the information and other services, as well as any and all Products made available through the Online Store, solely for the satisfaction of their needs, being prohibited from making commercial use, either directly or indirectly. , Services, Products or any other element obtained through the Online Store.

3.3 The Customer / User is not permitted to deceive or manipulate any of the technical devices, which are part of the Online Store and are owned by Breuca and Third Parties.


4.1 These General Conditions are governed by Portuguese Law.

4.2 In the event of a dispute, the competent court shall be the Centro de Informação de Consumo e Arbitragem de Braga.