Unique Patented Components of the Breuca Simulator

The Breuca simulator is an IDT project, in partnership with Sketchpixel and Bubblecode, with the collaboration of the University of Minho and the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, by professionals who work closely with F2, F3 and Formula E teams, and was designed to be a tool for developing drivers who want to follow a career in speed, specifically in Formulas.

Man working with virtual reality goggles
Steering For Unit SFU

Steering Force Unit (SFU)

The BREUCA Steering Force Unit (SFU) is a high-performance simulator steering system that provides extremely detailed and accurate force feedback for all types of steering.

It is a compact solution with no external hardware. It consists of a brushless permanent magnet motor and an integrated 1kHz closed-loop torque controller with industrial safety certifications. It was designed to work with the real steering wheels used in the most popular racing series such as F3, F4 or F2 but is also compatible with commercial USB and CAN steering wheels.

Technical Features

High performance processor icon

High-performance 32-bit processor

Acceleration and shift panel icon

1 kHz closed-loop torque controller

High-quality aluminum icon

7075 aerospace-grade aluminum

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Infinite steering range with programmable electric lock

IIcon of a steering wheel

USB, CAN, and real steering wheel

Plug and play icon

Plug and play

Engine and Safety

The high-precision, high-resistance industrial-grade brushless permanent magnet motor provides up to 20Nm of constant torque in a powerful and controlled manner. The system has industrial safety certificates such as ISO 13849. It is equipped with an optical emergency button that guarantees hardware torque cut-off in less than one tenth of a second. The software also has integrated safety protocols that can detect conditions such as hands-free.

Torque controller

The BREUCA SFU has a unique closed-loop torque controller with a 1 kHz update rate. It can receive the torque target from a standard force feedback protocol, as used in commercial software (Assetto Corsa, rFactor 1 and 2...), and is also compatible with a direct torque target received via USB or CAN.

Aluminum pedals with controllers

Breuca Pedal Box

The Breuca Pedal Box is a set of pedals designed and manufactured to meet the needs of professional motorsport companies. Materials, electronics, and wiring meet the highest standards of motorsport to ensure perfect operation throughout its lifetime, being a light and compact solution.

This Pedal Box is highly adjustable and configurable, allowing the user to modify the geometry and orientation of the pedals, adapt the force-displacement ratio for each car model, and calibrate them using lookup tables.

Technical Features

High performance processor icon

High-performance 32-bit processor

High-quality aluminum icon

7075 aerospace aluminum

Icon of bearings

Double row ball bearings for motorsports

Icon of magnetic sensor

Non-contact magnetic displacement sensor

Icon of hydraulic system

Master and slave hydraulic cylinder with pressure transducer

Icon of Powerbank and USB cable

Powered by USB/SCU

Brake pedal

The displacement force of the brake or the feeling of the brake pedal is one of the most relevant aspects in racing simulation settings. BREUCA has placed great emphasis on creating the most precise feeling when braking. This system includes a master and slave cylinder made of aluminum that allow for adjusting the force-displacement ratio by simply loosening a nut and replacing a set of pre-selected Belleville stacks based on the used car model or driver preference.

This pedal has a range of up to 240 kg of braking force measured on the brake pad.

The BREUCA accelerator pedal was designed to include a hydraulic damper and spring that can be adjusted to mimic the different feeling of each car.

Icon of two PCs communicating with each other through the Breuca SimFramework

BREUCA SimFramework

SimFraestamework is a software for managing DIL simulator sessions. This software was developed in cooperation with racing engineers.

It is a powerful tool that interacts with a database, making data analysis and session management accurate, fast, and reliable.

SimFramework Modules

Live Timing (Fully automated lap sheet).

Telemetry (The main driving parameters can be compared in real-time with a reference lap).

Driving Line (Car position in real-time relative to a reference lap).

Video Analyzer (Real-time video comparison with a reference lap).

SimFramework Tools

Customizable Drivers, Tracks, Cars, and Tires Database.

Export sessions to Excel.

Favorite lap selection.

Automatic generation of custom driving reports.

Data export to asci, over 50 channels. Including gain, displacement, alias etc. (used for vehicle model validation).

Data export to Atlas

Data export to Simulink

Data import for use as reference (usually real car data for live model development).

Real-time correction of grip level on both vehicle axes independently.