Fighter Jet

A mixed reality simulator developed to train airplane pilots with high accuracy and reliability. It is designed to be used in a military environment, allowing users to train tactics for missions and emergency procedures.

Mixed Reality Glasses

The Project

The project aims to develop a high-precision virtual reality simulator designed for use in a military training environment that will immerse users in as real an environment as possible.


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Mixed Reality

Development of mixed reality technology for hand movement interpretation that allows for optimization of human-machine interaction in VR systems.

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Real-Time Training

Obtain real-time dynamic parameters of the behavior of the aircraft and its environment, and use them to perform mathematical calculations that will be sent to a remote flight simulator.

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Emergency Procedures Practice

Develop a simulator that can imitate the same weather conditions, aircraft conditions, and piloting inputs, ensuring that the difference between reality and simulation is minimized as much as possible, thus allowing for the practice of all types of procedures.

Connected Simulation

All of our simulators are designed to support an unlimited number of pilots connected in a local and international virtual environment. This allows for the sharing of multinational skills and mission rehearsal.

Develop and practice standard procedures and communication between units in combined missions in different locations around the world. Make the most of joint training sessions between ground forces, air forces, and naval forces and prepare troops to enhance skills in formation flight, maneuvers, or pilot/co-pilot communication with ATC.

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